2016-2017 Fees


All band members are expected to be in the complete uniform for every game.  For example, if a student forgets gloves and does not have money to purchase a pair then he/she will not march that night.

We will not extend credit.

Students will have some chances to earn money toward band fees through work opportunities such as Schmidt's concessions at various events.


CCS Invitational uniform

New Band Members: 

Gloves: $3 x 2 pairs = $6

Beret: $8

Spats:  $9

Suspenders:  $6

Drill Master Shoes: $35

Total: $64

Black Socks (not provided, please purchase at your favorite retailer)

Summer Uniform

Summer Uniform:

NHS Polo Shirt: $12

Shorts: $10

"N" Socks: $7

Total:  $29

White Shoes (not provided, please purchase at your favorite retailer)

Additional Fees for All Band Students:

CCS Music & Programming:  $30 (Checks to made out Northland High School)

NIMPA Fee (covers items such as snacks, website, awards, etc): $50

Dry Cleaning: $10

12 page flip chart:  $7 (incoming students only)

    flip chart additional page/ring:  50˘ each

2016 Band T-Shirt (strongly suggested):  $10/$12 for sizes 2XL-3XL

Photo Badge (optional):  $5

These prices are for the stock we hold now.  If we need to re-order there may be a price increase.