NIMPA Committees

Article V, Section 1 of the Bylaws identifies nine Standing Committees, the chairpersons of which are voting members of the Executive Board. Committees with more than one chairperson (co-chairs) are allowed one vote at Executive Board meetings. In addition to Standing Committees, the Bylaws identify other, non-voting Committees. Section 2 identifies four Ad Hoc Committees which meet on an ad hoc or temporary basis to address special concerns. The President or Executive Board also may create committees to fulfill special organizational needs.

NIMPA volunteers

Hospitality and Chaperones Volunteers


Chair: Vacant

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for raising funds to meet NIMPA's objectives. Responsibilities include student fund-raisers for band trips. Responsibilities exclude Concessions and Board-excepted Activities.


Chair:  Vacant

The Apparel Committee, also known as the "Uniform Committee," is responsible for all apparel and related accessories used by the Instrumental Music Program. Responsibilities include purchasing, distributing, maintaining, and cleaning.   Marching band uniforms and accessories require the lion's share (or should we say "Viking's Share") of this committee's effort.


Chair: Debbie DeLisle

The Concessions Committee is responsible for all Concession activities sponsored by NIMPA. Traditionally, NIMPA is responsible for Concessions at all Home Basketball games. Responsibilities include purchasing, staffing, setup, cleanup, bookkeeping, and selling.


Chair: Debbie DeLisle

The Chaperone Committee is responsible for making sure all Instrumental Music Program activities are adequately chaperoned. This committee works closely with the Director of Instrumental Music to coordinate Instrumental Music activities and chaperon coverage.


Chair: Beth Maston

The Newsletter Committee is responsible for publishing NIMPA's monthly newsletter, "NIMPA News," which is NIMPA's official form of communication with its membership. 


Chair: Missy Brown, Beth Miller

The Hospitality Committee is responsible for organizing special events relating to NIMPA, and for providing refreshments as needed for meetings and events. The Committee’s primary responsibility is to provide refreshments for instrumental music students during or after instrumental music activities.


Chair: Vacant

The Publicity Committee is responsible for all public relations activities for NIMPA, including writing and disseminating press releases, and making other forms of contact with the "media."


Chair: Vacant

The Travel Committee is responsible for assisting the Director of Instrumental Music with travel arrangements involving overnight travel for students.

Budget (Ad Hoc)

Chair: Treasurer

The Budget Committee is responsible for planning and preparing NIMPA's operating budget. The Committee meets at the beginning of each fiscal year to prepare the budget, then as necessary for any revisions.

Audit (Ad Hoc)

Chair: Selected by Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for auditing the Treasurer's books and presenting the results of its audit to the Executive Board and Membership.

Audio/Visual Committee (Created by Executive Board)

Chair: Beth Maston

The Audio Visual Committee is responsible for making audio, video, or photographic recordings of various select activities of the Instrumental Music Department and NIMPA.

Website Committee (Created by Executive Board)

Chair: Beth Maston

The Website Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining NIMPA's Internet website.